A few years ago four professional plein-air painters from the Boothbay region were at an opening. (Corinne McIntyre, Roger Milinowski and Ron and Monique Parry). Ron said, "Since we all usually paint by ourselves why don't we go out every Wednesday and paint together". And so the "Plein Air Painters of Maine" was born. What started out with just four of us now has six Chapters with over 471 members. At any given time in the summer there can be 14 to 20 people painting. In the winter there may only be two or three hearty folk. But the interest has never subsided. The comraderie, exchange of ideas and just plain fellowship with other painters is great.

The Boothbay Region, in fact, all of Maine, has a wealth of subject matter to paint. The sea, the coastal rocks, endless skies, seabirds, lobster boats, docks, fish houses...etc. It is so beautiful. A painters paradise.

Any painter is welcome to come paint with us. Just contact the Gmail below and we will let you know where we will be.


We shall post news of shows, awards, and other exciting things that happen to us. Send any news you would like others to know about to cmcintyrepaintings@gmail.com.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

"Painting Maine by the Roadside"

"Painting Maine by the Roadside," an exhibit of paintings by Dianne Horton and Sandy Dolan, is on display all month in the Kramer Gallery of the Belfast Free Library, 106 High St. The public is invited to an opening reception for the show Friday, Aug. 12 from 5 to 6:30 p.m. For more information, call the library at 338-3884, ext. 10.
Dianne and Sandy have been painting all over Maine whenever the scene beckons them. Those road trips are often adventures in themselves bringing them much enjoyment and many laughs. They often have struggled with winds, rain and flying bugs, but these two seasoned artists love the adventure and scour for scenes to paint.
 Sandy paints in oils and her work is often finished on site or in her home studio in Searsport. Dianne paints her watercolors on site, trying to paint quickly because of the changing shadows and the weather;
sometimes she finishes her work in her home studio in Swanville.

                            Sandy Dolan 


Todd Camplin said...

I was up in Maine for 3 weeks and I really enjoyed visiting all the art galleries up and down the coast. Hope to be there next year. I will keep in mind this blog before I leave.

Paintdancer said...

I'm looking at the photo on the right and I think some of you watched the Don Demers demo last week out at Ocean Point. I was there on vacation and had the luck to watch the demo. I think I recognize the Parry's from the photo. There was another "Ron" there who's face was familiar but I can't put my finger on his last name. Kathleen Billis and Roger were also there and were kind enough to tell me about the demo.
You guys are soooooo lucky to be painting in Maine. Florida is horrid for plein air!

CM said...

Thanks Todd.
Come paint with us next year!