A few years ago four professional plein-air painters from the Boothbay region were at an opening. (Corinne McIntyre, Roger Milinowski and Ron and Monique Parry). Ron said, "Since we all usually paint by ourselves why don't we go out every Wednesday and paint together". And so the "Plein Air Painters of Maine" was born. What started out with just four of us now has ten Chapters with over 600 members. At any given time in the summer there can be 14 to 20 people painting. In the winter there may only be two or three hearty folk. But the interest has never subsided. The comraderie, exchange of ideas and just plain fellowship with other painters is so rewarding.

The Boothbay Region, in fact, all of Maine, has a wealth of subject matter to paint. The sea, the coastal rocks, endless skies, seabirds, lobster boats, docks, fish houses...etc. It is so beautiful. A painters paradise.

Any painter is welcome to come paint with us. Just contact either Gmail below and we will let you know where we will be.


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Tuesday, July 9, 2019


John M. T. Seitzer’s Anthology -
A Collection of Short Story Paintings 
on View now at Joy To The Wind Gallery

“Short Story with Robin,” an 8” x 6” oil on board, is one of John M.T. Seitzer’s new works in the “Anthology Series” running through July 31.
“Short Story in Blue,” a 10” x 8” oil on board, is among the paintings in John M. T. Seitzer’s new show at Joy to the Wind Gallery in Boothbay Harbor. Courtesy of the artist.

This exhibition, “Anthology - A Collection of Short Story Paintings,” is collaboration between the artist and you the viewer. “I supply the color. You provide the words to make the story yours, John M. T. Seitzer says. “Everybody ‘reads’ their own interpretation into what they see.”
Let your imagination wander as you observe the rainbow of colors, simple shapes and thick textures in these paintings at Joy to the Wind Gallery in Boothbay Harbor.
Some ‘story’ paintings are dark and brooding while others are light, bright and cheerful. Most of the work is oil paint on board. A few are comprised of pasted collage elements such as bits of actual script, photographs or illustrations that hide and are partially revealed beneath the paint.
These intimate renderings are sized like pages from a book. And like a book- they await the reader.
“Anthology - A Collection of Short Story Paintings” will be on view through July 31. 
Joy To The Wind is at 34 Atlantic Avenue, Boothbay Harbor. 
For more information, call  633-7025 or visit  joytothewind.com

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